Colorless,non-toxic and non-combustion gas. It becomes a transparent liquid under the pressure it created by itself. The gas is considered to have the lowest level of toxicity and flammability and to have zero depletion impact on the ozone layer. A substitute of R22 which is used in air conditioning and refrigeration system.

Uses and Features:

  • Residential and commercial air conditioning, heat pumps, dehumidifiers, and small chillers.
  • A replacement for CFC-502

Material Compatibility:

Most common materials are suitable for use under normal conditions in a dry system. At high temperatures, use stainless steel or Inconel to resist corrosive breakdown products. Avoid using alloys with more than 2% magnesium(i.e. some aluminium alloys) especially when moisture is present. May react violently with sodium, potassium, barium and other alkali or alkaline earth metals. Flexible hoses or gaskets should not contain natural rubber as rapid withdrawals of gas/liquid can extract compounding ingredients and it also suffers from excessive swelling.

Physical Properties
Chemical Formula

R32 49.5%±1%; R125 50.5%±1%

Boiling Point  
℃@101.3kpa -46.2
℉@14.7psia -51.2
Critical Temperature  
Purity 99.8
% by weight(min)  
Water Content 15
ppm by weight(max)  
Acidity 1.0
ppm by weight(max)(as HCI)  
Non Condensable Gasses 1.5
Content Mesaured on Vapour Phase  
% by volume(max)  
Residues at High Boiling Point 0.01
% by volume(max)  
Chloride pass
No visible turbidity